Oxford based acting, singing and dance classes for adults of any ability.

Based in Rose Hill Oxford, these classes are designed to be enjoyed in a fun, friendly, pressure-free environment.

Our instructors are Oxford-based actors and vocal coaches who want you to enjoy their craft as much as they do. They will use their knowledge and enthusiasm to bring out your own creativity in a relaxed environment that never asks you to do anything you are uncomfortable with or unsure of.
  • Drama

    • In a drama class we might play some improvisation games, look at character and personality building, try out accents, or consider the challenges we face when tackling comedy, acting for screen, or Shakespeare. More »
  • Singing

    • In a singing/vocal class we will start by warming up the voice and considering ways to use it well and protect it. We will study different musical genres, from folk to pop, classical to musical theatre. We might look at ways to add character to our singing, think about emphasis and feeling, or work on harmony. More »
  • Dance

    • In a dance class we will try out different dance genres, from commercial to contemporary, with an emphasis on doing what is achievable and enjoyable. More »