What to Expect

What’s it all about?

Our performing arts classes give adults the chance to experience the enjoyment that children already gain from similar classes. In a pressure-free, relaxed environment we enjoy drama and singing workshops led by local actors, singers, directors and vocal coaches. We are not working towards a performance, so we don’t need to learn pages of script. There are no solos, so no one person is singled out. There are no auditions, no expectations of experience and never any pressure to do something you are not comfortable with.


At Open Stage Arts we know that adults have a lot on their plate, and that taking a few hours out to do something you enjoy can be a great release. During our classes you will have the chance to (re)discover your creative side, take your mind off everyday stresses, make new friends (or spend time with old ones) and, above all, have fun

What to expect: singing

We’ll begin by warming the voice up through group breathing exercises: don’t worry, you won’t be asked to demonstrate or do a solo! This is a time for you to have fun learning how the voice and body work together to produce a great sound. After this we’ll move onto learning a song, perhaps a pop or musical-theatre piece, or a jazz, folk or even classical song. We’ll break the song down into steps to make it easier to learn the melody line. Dependent on the song, we might introduce some harmonies, or look at how we can use our voices to add drama or feeling to the song. We might even add in some movement elements!

What to expect: drama

People that have no intention of ever acting on stage or screen can still benefit greatly from the creative work that takes place in our drama sessions. There are a great many fun games and exercises we can use to explore themes such as character, emotion, status, visualization, physical expression, and much more! In a typical session we might play some improv games, look at scripts, try out accents, or consider the challenges faced when tackling comedy, acting for screen, or Shakespeare.