The Benefits

5 Benefits of Joining In

Performing arts classes are not reserved for aspiring television actors or musical-theatre stars. Keep reading to discover how singing, acting and socialising can help you improve cognitive and physical health, develop self-confidence and relieve stress.

1. Boost brain health

When you learn and challenge yourself your brain continues to grow, no matter what your age. Varied and novel activities, such as improv games and vocal exercises, are great for challenging the brain.

Research suggests that socialising can be as effective towards improving the mind as doing a daily crossword. Increased social interaction engages and exercises the mind, and can even be key to warding off dementia.

2. Boost physical wellbeing

Any kind of exercise reduces blood pressure, relaxes the muscles and increases metabolism, and it doesn’t have to be done in a gym. Singing is an aerobic
exercise that also tones tummy muscles and improves posture, without getting hot and sweaty.

3. Alleviate stress

Singing releases endorphins, our feel-good brain chemicals, while simultaneously drawing more oxygen onto the blood, which reduces feelings of stress and anxiety – it’s very hard to worry and sing at the same time! These benefits increase when people sing together, due to the sense of community, belonging and shared endeavour.

Acting can help you let go of tension. As well as being enjoyable, acting exercises can help you to understand why you react in certain ways to certain stimuli, and encourage you to be at peace with yourself.

Laughing and having fun significantly decrease your stress levels, and release more of those feel-good hormones. There is always a lot of laughter in our classes.

4. Boost confidence and self-esteem

Taking part in acting classes can help change your threshold for nervousness in everyday life. Once you have got used to doing ridiculous things in class, on purpose, you’ll find yourself more relaxed before important meetings or other usually nerve-wracking activities. Situations that once you would have found stressful can become comfortable and manageable.

Warm-ups and games led by our acting coaches will help you to speak clearly and be aware of your body language – such as engaging in eye contact – which will arm you with improved confidence in social situations.

Vocal exercises from our singing teachers will teach you to understand your voice and how you can use it and look after it, to ensure you feel confident in public-speaking situations.

5. Make new friends

Our groups provide a supportive environment in which it is easy to make friends.

You can expect to become quite close to your new friends in a performing arts class, because you’ll all be actively working to improve your communication, body confidence and ability to express your emotions. Plus, you will learn to feel OK about making mistakes and OK about making a fool of yourself, since everyone else is doing the same.

I would recommend Open Stage Arts to anybody that is tempted but hesitant. I took the plunge and I haven’t looked back. The teachers and group are so friendly, and it’s FUN!


Really enjoyable classes for anyone who wants to have fun with acting and singing without the pressure of a performance. I’d done some acting and singing before coming to Open Stage Arts but at every class I learn something new. The teachers are very knowledgeable and each brings different experiences and expertise.


Varied, friendly, fun, basically EXCELLENT.