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How to take a good photo?

How to take a good photo?

I always get very nervous when the press come to take photos. I never know what to do to get a good shot. That’s where the instructors help out: they are performers after all.

Last year drama teacher Liam Nooney, and our new dance teacher at the time, Antony Edwards, came up with lots of good ideas. I just had to stand there and smile, and this photo came out brilliantly.

In January, when the Oxford Mail came to our first drama and singing class at Rose Hill Community Centre, Roxy Rose sprang into action, starting straight away that those of us who were happy to be photographed should perform the song and actions we had done during the first hour of class and let the photographer click away. Hopefully at least one good movement shot would come out of it.

I have to say I am very happy with the result. I think it is quite something that all four of us look good, with not a dodgy facial expression among us. I won’t, however, dwell on the fact that, despite us all singing the same song and doing the same actions, not one of us has the same pose as any of the others. Well, at least it makes for a more interesting photo.